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At Northeast Feed, we take tremendous pride in the quality and consistency of our products. We offer several different liquid feed products with the added ability to customize blends to fit your needs. Northeast Feed is a full-service distributor for Double S Liquid Feed Services, Inc. We work directly with the Double S plant in Lewistown, Pennsylvania to provide high quality liquid feeds and services to feed mills, dairy farms, and beef operations in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New York.

Our products are always 100% domestically sourced and are screened and tested to ensure optimal quality and consistency. Double S maintains designated medicated and non medicated ingredient lines and pumps to ensure products never co-mingle.

Our goal is to provide the purest product possible and to support US Agriculture.

What Makes Us Different:

100% Domestically sourced



What We Offer

Dairy TMR Products

Our dairy liquid feed products can be customized to suit our customers' particular needs. Essential vitamins, minerals, preservatives, and other additives can be added to any blend.

Free Choice Products

Our free choice lick tank products are designed to provide beef cows and stocker animals that are on pasture with rapidly fermentable sugars and rumen degradable protein, as well as vitamins and minerals.

Ready Mix Mill Products

Our Ready Mix feed mill products are designed to provide a consistent, visually-appealing, and energy-dense product for use in textured feeds.





What Our Clients Love:

Highest Quality Product

Excellent Customer Service

Directly Supporting U.S Agriculture with 100% domestically sourced ingredients.

5-Star Reviews

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