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At Northeast Feed, we specialize in tailoring our liquid feed products and services to meet your specific requirements.

With over 10 years in business, we take great pride in the outstanding quality and unwavering consistency of our offerings. As a comprehensive distributor for Double S Liquid Feed Services, Inc., we collaborate closely with the Double S plant located in Lewistown, Pennsylvania. This partnership allows us to deliver top-notch liquid feeds to feed mills, dairy farms, and beef operations across Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New York.

We work with you to determine the best product to fit your needs. Several different delivery options are available as well as the equipment to handle our liquid feed products. To ensure utmost excellence, our products are exclusively sourced from within the United States, guaranteeing their high standards. Rigorous screening and testing procedures are implemented to attain optimal quality and consistency. Double S diligently separates medicated and non-medicated ingredient lines and utilizes dedicated pumps to prevent product intermingling.

Our ultimate mission is to provide the purest product attainable while actively supporting the agriculture industry in the United States.

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Benefits of Liquid Feeds

Maximize Forage Digestibility

The sucrose found in cane molasses is utilized as an energy source by forage-digesting microbes. The addition of sugar to the diet can boost the growth of these microbes, thereby improving the digestion of forages in the rumen.

Optimize Nitrogen Utilization

Matching a rapidly digestible carbohydrate source with soluble protein in the ration allows for efficient use of nitrogen in the rumen. ​When fed with a comparable source of soluble protein, the sugar from molasses has been shown to boost microbial protein growth by as much as 18% when compared to starch.

Improve Physical Characteristics of Feed Mixes & Reduce Sorting

Adding liquid feeds to grain mixes and TMRs can improve feed texture and uniformity​ by reducing the accumulation of fines and minimizing ingredient separation thereby deterring sorting from cattle.

Increase Ration Density & Reduce Shrink

Eliminate the 2% shrink and use of low-quality carriers in dry supplements. By reducing these carriers, more space in the ration is available for grain. When added to the final feed, dustiness and ingredient loss during handling are also reduced.

Uniform Nutrient Distribution

Particle size and density differences are eliminated when nutrients are added in a liquid feed. Feed mixes remain stable and uniformly blended.

Increase Ration NFC without Increasing Acidosis Risk

Sugar is more rapidly fermented than starch in the rumen; however, replacing starch with sugar in the diets does not decrease and may actually increase ruminal pH.

Boost Feed Intake

Adding sugar to the ration has been shown to increase diet palatability and dry matter intake, especially during times of stress such as heat.

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