Dairy Products

Add molasses to your dairy TMR to boost feed intake, reduce sorting, improve butterfat, and maximize rumen efficiency.

Available Blends

  • NF Commodity
  • PA-55
  • Ready Mix 62-38
  • TMR 20 and TMR 30
  • Custom Formulation

    Our blends can be customized to suit our customers’ particular needs. We will work with your current nutritionist to determine the best blend for your herd.

    Our Blends can Include




    Probiotics & Enzymes



    Vitamin & Trace Mineral packs

    Feedlot Products

    Get the benefits of added sugar along with consistent delivery of vitamins and minerals for your feedlot animals.

    Available Blends

  • Beef Builder 10
  • Feedlot Enhancer
  • Energy Balancer
  • Custom Formulation

    We will work with your feedlot nutritionist to create custom liquid feed blends for animals in all stages of growth.

    Additives Could Include


    Rumensin, Bovatec, MGA

    Fly Control



    ADE, Novatol


    Calcium Carbonate, Trace Mineral packs, Sulfuric Acid, Salt, ZinPro120

    Mold Inhibitors

    Myco CURB, Feed Guard 75

    Probiotics & Enzymes

    Hilyses, Micro-Aid


    Propylene Glycol, Lecithin



    Pasture Products

    Our Emerald line of products are designed to provide beef cows and stocker animals that are on pasture with rapidly fermentable sugars and rumen degradable protein, as well as vitamins and minerals.

    Emerald products can be used in mixed rations or top dressed onto grains or forages for backgrounded calves or confined cows.

    Emerald products can also be injected or poured onto low-quality baled forages, such as corn stalks, straw, or low-digestibility grasses to improve palatability and digestibility. These techniques are especially beneficial during times of drought or to stretch forage inventories when higher quality forages are in limited supply.

    Available Blends

    Emerald 28

    Emerald 33

    Mill Products

    High quality products for feed mixes. Our mill products can be customized for any operation that makes meals and textured feeds.

    Available Blends

  • Ready Mix blends that range 62% to 75% DM
  • NEF Platinum
  • Non-GMO Blends
  • Additional additives available
    for Mill Products

    Additional Preservatives



    Caramel, Cherry, Apple, Anise

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